You don’t shine by comparison, you shine by reflection!

The comparison game is a poor mans sport

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “they shine by comparison”. The expression is offered to explain how an object that may not be the most brilliant does illuminate when compared to another by comparison. When this expression becomes a governing principle and attitude it quickly turns into a self defeating problem. How many times have you seen in sports, business, or life people with immense potential never achieve their fullest due to the low expectations they have accepted for themselves.

A training I offered a few months ago I share how expectations have the power to define, refine, and confine your highest level of achievements. CLICK HERE to see that training. In my new book, “You Are Worth More” I share:

There is a high cost for low living and in most cases, our present reality is due to our expectations. For almost all of the clients I have coached, the problem has never been having too high of an expectation for something and missing it, but having too low of an expectation for a goal and hitting it. The fact is that most people set low expectations as a coping mechanism. It is easier in the minds of many to expect little and achieve it, than to aim for more and then be disappointed. The problem with this mindset is obvious—you will never grow to the next level. But how do you raise your gaze, demand more of yourself, life, and others only to fail at times? How do you manage the disappointment that will inevitably happen when you have tried and failed? That answer is determined by how you assess pain.

You were designed to shine. Don’t allow cultural and societal norms coax you into tolerating mediocrity. Remember you reflect what you are being illuminated by. I have heard it said that you are the sum total average of the 5 people you hang around the most. Your environment will have a direct impact on what you reflect. Be intentional about what and who you inform yourself with. Get a free audio book by your favorite authors and motivational speakers at Take the time each day to wash the mind of stinking thinking.

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