Capture reviews from your clients with just a tap!

Capture customers review with a digital business card

Getting a client to take the time to leave reviews or remember can be tough. What if you could have them leave you a review before you left the meeting? With the TW3tapcard that is exactly what you can do!

Having clients and 3rd parties leave you a review does several things for you and your business. So of them are of course obvious and some of them are not so obvious. Of course the more positive reviews help you with your online reputation but even more than that, with your SEO.

The fact that people are engaging your brand, business, and google links online will help you grow your reach. What some may not understand is even online trolls that like to harass others can be used in business to help. How? Engagement.

So if you’ve been in business especially online you’ve probably experienced a troll or unreasonable client that’s tried to use online reviews as leverage to try and strong arm or harass you. What they don’t realize and what our software and system allows you the business owner to do is use that energy for your benefit rather than being a victim to another persons nefarious intentions. 

So take advantage of our TW3tapcard to help promote your business and manage your online reputation and manage reviews. Good businesses and business practices should be promoted and protected. Let the TW3 software along with our digital business card help you achieve that.

Reach out to us today to show you how you can leverage this technology to grow your business and brand.

Here’s to better business!

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