Chick Fil A Customer Loses It Over Dining Room Not Open

The Stress of COVID-19 Shows Up Again

The stress that many people are under is palpable in the market place. In episode 427 I share a training and principals in my new book, “Warning Opportunity Ahead” of how doing business in a stressed market is tougher but doable. Reagan shares a story of how simple things like having to be served outside of dining room areas is just too much for some right now.


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  • What obstacles you need to be addressing for your clients right now no matter your industry or business type.
  • What are driving and fueling these obstacles
  • How you can provide value right now for your client
  • How you can do well by doing well for others right now
  • An illustrated step by step example of how I was able to bring value to someone while monetizing the conversation and making a life long impact on a future client.

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