Don’t Kid Yourself: Parenting And Entrepreneurship Is Epic Hard Work

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Photo: Heidi Easley, artist and founder of Texas Art and Soul; Credit: Bobby Easley
Photo: Heidi Easley, artist and founder of Texas Art and Soul; Credit: Bobby Easley

Sometimes I feel like I wasn’t meant to be a parent.

Now, before you go all crazy on me — hear me out. I have one child … only one. I was a teacher for 9 years and I got my fill of kids. I also quit teaching full-time because my business had taken over my life.

My daughter is the best! She is a really good kid (and I’m not just saying that). I have taught thousands of kids so I have thousands of kids to compare her to. However, sometimes I just want a minute!

For instance, the other day while we were grocery shopping, we maneuvered the aisles as I listened to all of her stories, we played car games on the way home, discussed homework plans, and why sometimes people wear certain things (prompted by a woman wearing an “interesting” outfit at the grocery store), and many other things.

When we got home and started putting the groceries away she bursted into song. Our dog was jumping around with that “I need to go outside” look, my hands were overloaded with plastic grocery bags and my daughter was blissfully in her own little world … probably on a Broadway stage somewhere. I mean … how long can someone actually use their vocal cords?!

At that moment, all of the frustration from the day and all the patience I had for the last two hours came to a breaking point. “Pixie! I need a break! Please stop!” I exclaimed.

In her cute little head she saw nothing wrong. Yet, in the midst of it all, in my head I am constantly making lists, organizing the evenings dinner plans, remembering something that has to go in the mail, etc.

If you are a mom and a business owner, you know the drill!

So, for a second I felt really bad for yelling at her. I grabbed an adult beverage in the fridge and let her go to her room while I finished putting up the groceries in silence.

I started to think, “Maybe I wasn’t meant to be a parent. ”

But then the next day my daughter came into the art studio and asked, “What can I do to help you?”

I was shocked. “Oh my gosh! I really need help, you don’t mind?” I asked. She smiled and said, “It’s the least I can do for you being such a great mom!” In an instant my heart melted and I thought, “I am so thankful to be a parent! I am so thankful to be her mom!”

I immediatley hugged her and thanked her (and then I put her straight to work!).

I hold onto her selfless gesture in that moment when I felt completely overwhelmed and vulnerable … and I’ll hold on to it the next time my daughter is in full-force performance mode for her version of Wicked on Broadway.

If you are a mompreneur, raising both a family and a business, keep my story in mind. It’s a reminder that you need to take time for yourself.

My soul needs art … painting especially. There is nothing better than spending an hour at my local art shop buying fun new paints and then heading home for an afternoon of creating!

Photo: Heidi Easley, artist and founder of Texas Art and Soul; Credit: Bobby Easley
Photo: Heidi Easley, artist and founder of Texas Art and Soul; Credit: Bobby Easley

Take time to do the things you love so you don’t end up bitter, overworked, and overwhelmed. As a business owners we are non-stop, but it also gives us flexibility to control our schedule.

So take a moment today and schedule some down time! When you take better care of yourself you can take better care of others. Your soul needs it. your husband needs it, and especially your little ones who look up to you need it!

Find what speaks to you and do more of it.

This article has been edited and condensed.

Heidi Easley is an artist and founder of Texas Art and Soul. Heidi lost everything in 2007 and used art to heal her soul and started a surfboard painting business that became an instant hit, selling 1,000 boards in just two months. After moving back to Texas she started holding paint parties to make extra income. Since 2009, Heidi has held hundreds of successful art parties and works as a studio artist selling her cherished “Day of the Dead” family portraits! As a very passionate artist she thrives by helping others discover their potential at her art parties while showing others how art can heal your soul and your bank account! Connect with @easley_heidi on Twitter.

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