Failure is an Event Not a Person

Failure can either be the greatest asset or  liability you possess in your personal and professional life. The way I process and respond to failure will determine which purpose it serves. One area you have to guard from failure from infecting is the questions you ask yourself.

What you and I ask ourselves will control how we think. The way you perceive things. The attitude you have toward something is predicated on the questions you’ve entertained about it. Want to change the way you think about something? Start asking yourself different questions about it.

Instead of asking – “Will I fail at this too?”

Ask yourself – “What will I enjoy or learn from this?”


Instead of asking – “Why do I always do this?”

Ask yourself – “What could I do different the next time with this?”


Instead of asking – “Why am I the only one that’s always screwing up?”

Ask yourself – “What can I do different to make this work for me?”


Questions are powerful! Ask yourself the wrong questions and you’ll find yourself always with the wrong mindset, attitude, and energy. Questions are powerful and should be respected. One of the biggest questions I fear is, WHAT IF? God help me never go to bed or ultimately to my ultimate resting place with the question, WHAT IF?

Make a commitment to yourself today that you’ll begin to ask yourself the right questions and respect and answer the big ones.

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