How to create clickable image files for text and email engagement

How to spike your open rates with clickable gifs

Sometimes you have to be a little goof to get noticed. The infamous quote from PT Barnum still holds true today. If you want to draw crowd, start a fight. In this instance I show how to be a little goofy to get attention.

In this strategy I only use canva and the TW3 app to send create a text campaign I know will not only be opened but get more click due to the image file.

Yeah it’s goofy and for some it might even be off putting, but the bottom line is, it works! And at the end of the day we are compensated on creating campaigns, products, and services that work. 

Try it out and let me know your campaign went. I’d love to see it and post it on this thread too! So send it over.

Feel free to text me your campaign to 864 507 9696. Let’s see how creative you can be!

Here’s to your open rates going through the roof and your sales following right behind it.

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