How to generate free leads with various traffic sources

More leads equal more money! So here’s free money!!

In this live webinar recorded on Feb 1 at 8pm I share how using some various tools here at TW3 you can generate unlimited leads to grow your business and scale your income. This was a great time with some really incredible entrepreneurs from around the world here at TW3.

2 Types of lead sources

In this webinar you will see really 2 kinds of lead sources. There’s paid for leads and generated leads that are free. I focus on how to generate the free leads. Yes it’s more hustle and I do agree that in the beginning you need to probably do a lot of paid for traffic, but over time using the techniques I show you can really offset the cost of doing business by generating more and more free leads. Free leads are free money!!

So why do so many opt out of generating leads and just buying them? Difficulty. It’s easier just to throw money at something rather than learning to build something. However you can never scale your business nor control the quality of it until you learn to generate the leads within it.

So I hope you will seriously take the time and invest in the tools and training you need in order to control the quality and quantity of new business your sales produce. This is only done by learning to from A-Z how to capture free traffic, qualify the prospect into a lead, and close the lead. 

Feel free to leave me a comment below and let me know what you think about the training and maybe ideas you have with lead generation?

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