How to stay positive in sales

How to overcome negative attitudes to influence change

A coaching client of mine sent in a voicemail asking what were some practical advice I could give him to stay positive.

Mindset does matter. It’s easy to become jaded, cynical, and rude when you are exposed to life. However for the professional sales person and business owner your attitude is imperative for you to adequately perform. To be able to persuade, influence, and inspire requires you to have a positive outlook and communicational style. So how do you stay positive??

The good book say’s, “hope deferred causes the heart to grow sick.” This tells me that I have to have something to hope for if I’m going to stay positive. That’s why faith for me is so vital in my day to day life. However even if you are not a person of faith this principle has a very practical utility in your psychology that you can’t ignore it. 

So in business the way I’ve seen this principle work is pretty simple. If my sales are slow or my meetings have had some sour meetings then how can I fix this? Leads. Tons and tons of leads on my calendar. Why? If I have multiple quality appointments with leads then I have hope that even if I’m slow in sales or having some sour meetings I have another opportunity just around the corner.

I know this sounds very reductive and simplistic, but for someone who has been in sales for over 30 years now let me tell you, it’s the trick. When I first began as a door to door salesman in highschool I remember multiple appointments that I walked out of feeling so defeated, deflated, and discouraged. The biggest reason was that I had so much hope in that one appointment because I didn’t have very many after that. 

Get a system in place that keeps appointments on your calendar and I guarantee you close more, enjoy more, and stress less.

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