Success is a bi-product of a winning process

Why you have to have a process to succeed

Ok so I’m a musician and I love jam bands, jazz bands, and improv. I love to hear musicians that have mastered their craft be able to express what they feel in the moment and do it with exceeding skill. I’ve often said that the great ones are always better live than on the recording. Over several years of listening, loving, and attending concerts to bands and musicians like Chicago, Billy Joel, Dave Coz, Bill Champlin, Earth Wind and Fire, and several others I can tell you that theory holds up. These musicians can take what was done in the studio to a whole new level with their energy, passion, and personality they are in that night and in that moment.

What some may not realize though is what they are hearing is various skills, modes, or “processes” the musicians have mastered on full display in their artistic, well rehearsed hands. I’ve noticed new musicians, novice, and onlookers who get the music bug really get inspired by some of these greats and pick up an instrument, start taking lessons, and really take off until the frustration, aggravation, and irritation of doing something that doesn’t come naturally sets in. It’s in that moment the ones who will become a musician will bet separated from the ones who tried and quit. Entrepreneurialism is the same way.

I would argue it’s not as difficult to learn how to become a fairly successful entrepreneur as it is learning a new instrument and becoming a musician. After all most people are raised with basic skills to speak, listen, and interact with others. These are the fundamental instruments of business, however the ability to pick up a foreign object and bring it to life musically is a whole other level of artistry. Nevertheless the path to being profitable in both areas are the same, it’s a process.

While over in Ireland and Scotland I was able to take tours of various factories that produce beer and whiskey. The one thing I noticed in both tours was the pride both took in the process they had mastered to produce world class products. As a matter of fact the whole tour in both tours was 100% focused on their process to create world renown, award winning products that have been offered to the world for over 100 years. Both companies who are household names even here in the states reminds me of one thing. A winning process is the cornerstone for anything to be successful.

If you want a:

  • profitable business
  • winning team
  • dynamic product
  • growing business
  • greater reach & impact

Let me challenge you today to exam your process. Playing air guitar might make you feel like a rockstar but understanding the fretboard, amp, gear, music, and modes will make you one. Don’t air guitar your way in trying to build a business. A winning process that has been proven by several people over multiple decades is the greatest investment you could ever make in your career and financial life. Why not start today?

You Are Worth More!

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3 thoughts on “Success is a bi-product of a winning process

  1. JD Williams

    Mr. Terry common fuse in Ireland touring 2 beer factories oh, that was a great start! My question is what the heck are you doing back LMAO I’d still be there taking the tiur over and over again…lol…WELCOME HOME

  2. John Mitchem

    Terry it is so great to have you back. You are right! Process is what brings the paycheck. Your system has made me very happy and I can’t thank you enough. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on a degree, on starting a practice, and the marketing of the practice. I don’t regret any of it but your system and training has a ROI of 100X compared to everything else. Thank you sir!

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