New TW3 Rep starts working from home and makes over $2000 in first week

Making money from home made easy

The most difficult thing people who want to start a home based business will have is trying to find people that would be interested, or find value in what they offer. Josh, a new rep at TW3 was like so many who have tried tons of different businesses and failed. He started out as a sales affiliate for TW3 for FREE and became increasingly excited about the potential he saw. The challenge he was having as a sales affiliate was the same issue he was having before, how do you get in front of a steady stream of qualified potential clients?

After coming to several affiliate trainings Josh decided to either go big or go home. The opportunity was just too enticing and he knew that if he was going to be successful he was going to either have to cold call 10X more to get his activity up, buy leads, or take the plunge and get the very marketing tool and platform he was promoting. So he became a Plus Member.

In a matter of 2 days he had his extension set up in the call center, had his merchant account set up, credential to get his RMP offers, and took the training on how to drive leads. He was now ready.






Here is what he did:

  1. Drove over 300 leads to his ext in a matter of 2 days

  2. Referred 250 of them to an hourly & salary opportunity outside the business

  3. Enrolled over 5 new members

  4. Has over 20 sales affiliates now working to sell his system

  5. Has built a list of potential clients who will onboard later on

Step 1 Cost Josh $70 in marketing

Step 2 Made Josh over $420 and he never sold anything and was paid to help the client find work

Step 3 Was paid over $2100 instantly for bringing on new coaching clients

Step 4 Josh enrolled sales affiliates for FREE and they now have a work from opportunity to which he gets paid off of everything they produce

Step 5 Josh is building his long term success in this business as he will have clients that will stay connected with him and potentially make a purchase from him later, or take advantage of other free offers Josh will be able to provide.


Josh however is not the only one! Want to see what other clients are doing and saying? CLICK HERE These are average people who because of the desire to earn and enjoy more now can because they have the tools to do so.

8 thoughts on “New TW3 Rep starts working from home and makes over $2000 in first week

  1. Sabrina Coyle

    Hi there…. I’ve been looking over what you have thrown out there… Ok, to start with the company I would need a beginners package!!! After a month you will take $97 from what I’ve made(hopefully I would make more then that!!!) and then I pay you $97 monthly so I could continue using your tools… But if I catch on quick I can move up and make more money!!! (Want more money,haha) From what I’ve read a person can create their own set up through you!!! Bottom line is setting up your own people and making more money all the way around!!!!!

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Sabrina –

      No that’s not exactly how it works. We have various ways to join our business. Our “beginner package” as you put it actually cost nothing ever. We however just don’t take anyone as we want to make sure our products, brand, and training is represented correctly. If you would like to apply to work with us simply go to There you will see the various ways you can join, what each involves, what and how you are paid, and how to join.

      TW3 Support

  2. Tevonn Mcfield

    If you’ve bought the system already and your a licensed insurance agent how do you use the system to generate potential insurance leads??

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Tevonn – As a Plus or Elite member wanting to use the system as a tool to generate leads their is HOURS of how to training under your advance training tab in your back office. For insurance we specifically have a 4 part video series that show step by step how to generate leads for health, life, P&C, and any other form of insurance you are wanting to generate leads for. You also have a 1 on 1 coaching tab in your Plus & Elite membership to help you fill in the blanks on anything that is not clear. Thanks, TW3 Support

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Medicare Advantage has very strict rules, medicare supplement and other senior products are regulated differently. All of our strategies and tools are compliant with all federal and state regulations, along with FCC rules.

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