People will buy from you when you start buying from you

Value yourself so others will have permission to as well

Those of us who are wanting to make a dent in the universe may struggle at times. We will feel our message, presentation, or offer lacks the impact or influence we’d initially hoped for. There are several possible reasons for this, but a common one is just simple lack of confidence.

There’s a huge psychological advantage those with confidence have when trying to persuade, influence, or impact a person or audience. Can you imagine Steve Jobs getting up to present a new Apple product and making statements like, “I think, I hope, it may, it might?” I think we all can agree that Apple wouldn’t be where they’re at today if Jobs wasn’t 110% sold out on himself, his invention, and the value of both.

I’ve heard it said many times in sales trainings that the first thing people buy is you. If that is the case then it’s imperative you get sold on you before trying to re-sell yourself to others. As the old saying goes, “you can’t sell something you haven’t bought first.” Why would people believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself first?

  Here are 4 ways to have more influence and impact today.

  1. Stop waiting on others to affirm and like you. That’s not their job, it’s yours. Get sold on you first. When that happens and done in a gracious way, not a braggadocios way, something amazing happens, others get sold on you as well.
  2. Be the first to offer a complement, congratulations, or kind word. Don’t try to flatter others, but take the time to recognize and point out their value, uniqueness, contribution, and importance. Those who can do this effectively in a group will soon find themselves leading that group.
  3. Start the day with both information and inspiration. Some people will try to either fill their head up with knowledge, or their heart up with hype. The truth is regardless of your personality type you need both information and inspiration to succeed. Knowledge gives you a plan, but inspiration will give you the energy and courage to do it. Don’t try to neglect one for the other, but seek both first thing in the morning.
  4. Take a daily mental bath. No matter how positive you are your daily surroundings, struggles, and challenges will have an impact. Surround yourself with daily positive and uplifting content. Get a free audiobook and 30 day free trial from Audibles by going to and you can get my new book, “You Are Worth More” for free by going to

Remember no one has ever tripped and fell on a mountain top. If you want yours then you’ll have to get up and go get it. Fortunately you were made by greatness, in the image of greatness,  for the purposes of greatness. So go and be great!


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