What are you thankful for? How gratefulness brings greatness. – Episode 294

Gratitude is not just good beliefs, but good business

You don’t have to be a religious person, or Christian to benefit from the empirical benefits of gratitude. While I’m a Christian and my faith informs, and influences everything I do, the idea of being and expressing gratitude is not just a religious sacrament, but a realistic strategy to earn and enjoy more in business and life.

I also took calls from people who wanted to call in and offer what they were thankful for:

“Mr. Elkins” – 6:06 wants to offer thanks for Duke University

Chris Ruppe – 11:56 wants to offer thanks for laughter. Follow his comedy at chrisruppe.com

Lisa S – 14:21 wants to offer thanks for the brave men and women who serve. See how you can support and send care to a soldier today by going to terrywilson3.com/thankasoldier


There are 31 benefits to being grateful according to 40 different accredited studies on the subject.

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