You Are the Greatest Investment You Could Ever Make, Period!!

I know for some the idea, or statement that “You are the greatest investment you will ever make” can sound selfish, self centered, or egotistical but it’s really not. It’s really understanding the psychological, sociological, and economical imperative you have to reach your highest potential for the betterment and advancement of the world around you.

In my book, You Are Worth More I write:

The one truth that everyone, at some point, has to learn to embrace is that your success, your achievement, your ascent to greatness is not merely an act of self- interest but service to society. How else are you able to bring value to your family, friends, or community if you don’t meet your mandate for greatness? How are your unemployed neighbors going to find jobs if you don’t start that business you dream of ? How are struggling families able to find success if you do not model it first? Somehow a counterfeit humility and piety has convinced many to settle for second place in order to avoid challenging others’ comforts. Nothing is wrong with humility, but first there needs to be something to be humble about. A poor man that does not brag about what he does not have is not being humble, he is just being honest. It is the rich guy that does non flaunt it or make you feel less than he that is being humble. Clinging to an idea that I do not want to achieve because I am trying to stay humble is a misunderstanding of humility and a contradiction of term. The fact is most people when they really start to test their reasoning and rationale will find that it is just easier to expect less and desire little; however, is that not really a more selfish attitude? You see, if I ever believed that I have been called to something greater, then I am responsible for what I do from that point on. There is no guilty conscience as long as I believe that my status quo is my lot in life. The moment I start to realize I could have, be, or experience more, I then become responsible to do something about it.


That is why I want to invite you to attend the 2019 You Are Worth More Conference in Greenville, SC. You were made for more. Come and hear how others just like you are earning, enjoying, and experiencing more than they ever thought was possible.

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