You Can Do WAY MORE than you think your capable of.

Don’t let yourself talk yourself out of more

We all have self doubt. I worry about people who don’t seem to have any self awareness and view of their own shortcomings. However if you are like most you can really talk yourself out of doing some really great things just because you don’t believe you can do it.

Now everyone has their own rationale for why they can’t but no matter the reason or rationale its all the same, they’re excuses.  Excuses are always based on lies we’ve decided to buy into. These rehearsed excuses that are repeated so often they create their our own new reality. A reality not based on truth or even reality itself, but on a faux sense of existence to mitigate the discomfort of change.

I challenge you this Christmas give yourself the gift of a new season, a new reality, and new existence. It’s starts with pushing through the discomfort of change that growth requires. But do it anyway. Tell yourself like Paul had to tell himself, the present hardship is not worthy to compare to the reward on the other side. No matter what, keep pushing.

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One thought on “You Can Do WAY MORE than you think your capable of.

  1. Charles Johnson

    Thank you Terry for the encouraging words! I’m putting together a course to teach people how to write poetry. It will be an online course and I thank you for the encouragement that I got from the book. You are truly blessed Terry have a happy holiday to you and your family!

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