How reps make $18k on 1 client with a blog and how you can too! – Episode 291

How reps make $18k on 1 client with a blog and how you can too! - Episode 291

In this episode I share how I and some of my ELT reps are able to make $18,000 per client and how you can too! What you are going to hear may sound counter intuitive to you and even really a little far fetched. However think about the facts being presented carefully. You will find after really studying and thinking about it there is no more effort in making more money from one client to the next. What goes in to bringing on a new client and making a sale?

  1. You have to isolate who it is that needs, wants, and can afford what you offer
  2. You have to convey value to them for the opportunity to engage
  3. You have to present them a series of facts to consider
  4. You have to invite them to engage with you, your offer, or your service
  5. You have to close the deal

These 5 steps are what you will do every time you want to sell, rent, or give something away. Whether what you offer is $25, $2500, or $25,000 the process is the same and the dirty little secret is, the efforts the same. So here’s the deal. If it takes just as much time and effort to make $18 as it does $18,000.00 then why not focus on the latter?





How to establish value to sell high-ticket items:

  1. Your self-esteem has to be high enough that you’re comfortable talking with affluent customers.

Most people have a difficult time selling high-ticket items to clients because they’re not affluent clients themselves. They project their own value to their prospects.

  1. Get into the minds of the affluent.

Read what they read. Ultra-affluent and affluent customers think very differently than you. Report says that the average people who read Forbes or Fortune magazine has a net worth of around $400k while people who read the Robb Report is $4M. From their perspective, Mercedes Benz is a poor man’s car and you don’t see this on those magazines but you see Ferrari’s or a $100k-pen. By reading those kinds of magazines, you get to expand your comfort. Hence, change your belief about how you see money and how they think.

  1.  It’s more about the experience and perception.

Many times it’s not the product anymore but the entire experience that the minute clients walk out of the car, it’s completely different. It’s not just selling a commodity anymore. How do you create a perception that you are worth and you deserve their money?

  1. Don’t project your own struggles onto your prospects.

Just because you’re struggling with paying the bills and selling, don’t be desperate. Affluent people hate people who are desperate and they can smell that from afar. You want to be calm and professional. Don’t fast-talk. Very few people know how to sell to the affluent.

  1. Keep increasing.

Challenge yourself and say, how high is high? Who gets affected the most during recession are the middle class and the poor. Sure they could lose money but they’re still going to have a lot versus people in the middle class.

  1. Transactional versus transformational

Selling high tickets items are often based on relationships. When you’re selling for that kind of price, RELATIONSHIP comes FIRST. Whoever is buying from you, their friends are similar. So value those relationships.

How the affluent class do deals:

  • The wealthy don’t do deals at Starbucks but on a golf course or when they’re traveling together or on a private jet. It’s a different way of conducting business and selling.
  • They don’t talk about price too much. (They know it’s expensive.)

How to get among affluent people:

  1. Get comfortable.

Immerse yourself into their environment.

  1. Dress well.

Get a online presence (seriously). You can’t get rich looking poor.

  1. Cultivate the relationship first.

Attend events they attend. Go talk to them first without selling. Meet with some of them to cultivate the relationship first. Rich people are very generous. When you ask for their help, they might just introduce people to you. But go out there with a mindset of adding value and not pushing your product. They can see through you. How can you help them? Always come from a place of abundance then add value.

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