Money Made Easier – Episode 290

Money Made Easier - Episode 290

Listen to how reps at TW3 in just five days made over $40k

Anyone who tells you that there’s easy money to be made is lying to you. However there are easier ways to earn that alludes so many. When new clients who come to us looking to increase their income and earning potential I ask them 3 questions. If you will be honest with yourself and really consider and answer these questions honestly, I believe you will be in a position to take your business and earning potential to the next level.


  1. What are you selling?
    1. Does it have to be sold or is it bought?
    2. Does it harmonize with your brand?
    3. Is it profitable?
    4. Does it offer residual earnings?
  2. How do you acquire your customers?
    1. Cold Calling?
    2. Networking?
    3. Social Media?
    4. Buying Leads?
    5. Lead System?
  3. Who is your customer?
    1. Their Income?
    2. Their Expectations?
    3. Their Experiences?
    4. Their Personality

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