How to make $100 – $400 per day at a min by generating leads for your business and others – Episode 297

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
How to make $100 - $400 per day at a min by generating leads for your business and others - Episode 297

Today we talk to reps who’ve been with us for 3 weeks and others for 3 years. The story is the same no matter who it is, leads and the ability to reach new people who need, want, and can afford what you offer is paramount. In this episode I cover a whole new income stream for TW3 members and show others how there are people literally standing in line with money in hand to give you if you can generate leads for them.

I also cover why we are raising our membership rates at TW3 and why now is the time to jump in if you are ready to take charge of your career and income potential.

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4 thoughts on “How to make $100 – $400 per day at a min by generating leads for your business and others – Episode 297

  1. Miss LINDA ming

    Good Day Mr terry . can you help me if you can i would love to work from home , been looking but nothing has come through for me . i have customer service agent experience over 10 years doing this type of work .looking for an customer order jobs .order this like hair supplies, Christmas order stuff fell me something in these feels also people paying for orders on line for goods . something please get in touch with me please you can call me too ok. Thanks hope to hear from you soon MISS Linda MING

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Linda – We would love to help you! If you want a legit work from home job you need to be prepared to invest in your business to get it started. I know this sounds counter intuitive and many people have bought a “businesses” and have been scammed. So I get the healthy apprehension most people will have with investing into a business. However there is no legitimate business I know of that will give you a chance at success that won’t cost you something. We have an affiliate program that is free, but you still have to find leads to speak with. If you don’t have a system that will generate leads and inbound calls for you then you are left to making cold calls and generating your own leads, which creates a cost to you. So no matter if you start for free you will still have marketing cost to generate leads and many times this cost you more in time, money, and effort then simply investing in a platform to start with would. So here are the two questions I always ask people considering a work from home business.

      1. Can you afford to invest in a business ($29) and wait as long as a month before you start to see results? If you don’t have the time, money, or patience to do that you are not in the most healthy financial position to start. I would get a guaranteed income even if it means going in to a job first. Keep your bills paid and get some money in your pocket. Then while you are still earning a guaranteed income start working on the side to build your business. Our Rep Membership is only $19 – $29 to purchase and will give you the resources to start generating inbound leads for you to start making $400 – $1200 off of. Then when you see consistent results you are ready to quit your 9-5 gig and go full time entrepreneur.

      2. What is more appealing to you, unlimited income and freedom, or a guaranteed income? If you want the faux comfort that traditional hourly and salary opportunities offer then I strongly recommend you stay in an hourly job. Obviously I’m not a fan of these types of jobs and career choices, however I’m wise enough to recognize certain personality types can only function within these parameters. There are distinct mindset differences between being an employee and an entrepreneur. Most people that have not been successful as an entrepreneur do not recognize, nor appreciate those differences. This is why I spend a lot of time on my podcast speaking about mindset, attitude, and self awareness. Entrepreneurialism is the best career choice anyone can make because it will demand you to think, act, and respond at your highest level of you, but many people do not like that pressure, nor responsibility.

      So with all of that said if you will look under the job tab under my site you will see all kinds of opportunities to work from home. If none of those seem to be a fit then feel free to reach out and we will show you where to get some hourly and salary opportunties in your area right now to help you start generating an income.

      Terry Wilson

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