Listen to a live sales call from today – 22 Clients spoken with – 3 sales for $3600 in commission – Episode 213

The hardest thing about sales is feeling like you are pushing your message, value, or pitch onto someone. Even the most hard nose closers who are ready to sell to anyone will have higher conversion rates when the client is reaching out to them rather than being cold called by the sales agent.

In this episode I play a live call I had with a client who was 1 of 22 people I spoke with that day. Took me 3 hours to speak to 22 people who were calling me. Out of those 22 people I sold 3 of them which net me $3600 in commission. The other 19 I was able to help with another product, good, or service and still made money.

The webinar I referred to in the show is CLICK HERE to see.

Show Notes:

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2 thoughts on “Listen to a live sales call from today – 22 Clients spoken with – 3 sales for $3600 in commission – Episode 213

  1. Kyle Lett

    Where is the information for people to sign up with the 6 months deferred so that they can begin and then pay it off as they start making money. Also, if they go that route, do I get paid upfront or when they pay that off?

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Kyle –

      Simply go to paypal.com/credit and apply for their 6 mo deferred offer. Once approved we or your rep can send you an invoice via PayPal to purchase one of our packages to start earning today!

      TW3 Support

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