The Mindset that Allows for More – Episode 252

The Mindset that Allows for More - Episode 252












Today I’m on the phone with over 80 people who are here to take their earning an income potential to higher levels. Some of these folks on the phone today are existing entrepreneurs and others are considering becoming one. This podcast was recorded live with them on the phone all at 2pm EST on June 22, 2017.

The Mindset of a person shows up in what they look for. What you and I look for says a lot the way were are thinking, processing, and judging information we take in. The way this has a direct effect on your success in business is profound.

What are you looking for?

Some look for:

Hype or Help

A Get Rich Quick or Gain Wealth Efficiently

A Genie in a Bottle or The Genius within your Body

Working for SOB or Being the BOSS

A Guarantee or Freedom









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People who participated in this webinar were not coached, nor told what to ask. All of the questions came in real time with no pre-warning as to what they were about. A drawing was made to award participants with a $197 coaching package for their participation.

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