Want to write more business without sacrificing quality?

How to write more business without sacrificing the qualify of business you are producing.

Everyone wants to make more sales but at what cost? If you are in the coaching and professional services space you know that all it takes is one bad client to make your business turn into a real job. So how do you write tons of business but keep yourself safe from the pitfalls and problems that less desirable business can bring?

This coming Monday November 15, at 8pm ET I have the privilege of having two amazing guest with me. My friend, colleague, and counsel Neil O’Reilly will be with me to discuss how to protect yourself and business from the challenges that many coaches, consultants, and business professionals can face in the professional services area, and then TW3Radio.com’s own Laurie Brown. Laurie will be training on new SEO features with our app that will bring our members even more leads, traffic, and tons of clients.

So this will be a great show that will give you more insights on how you can grow your business safely to all new levels.

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