Why self awareness is the #1 asset you can possess – Episode 247

Why self awareness is the #1 asset you can possess - Episode 247

I have just come back from a week long training and certification with the Myers Briggs organization. Myers Briggs is the industry standard in providing tools and instrument to help isolate and qualify an individuals personality type, preference, and function. During this course one thing became crystal clear to this 25 year entrepreneurial veteran, above anything else, self awareness is essential to success.

An article written a few years ago (CLICK HERE to read that article) shows how this one personal asset is the common denominator of anyone who has been a top leader, producer, or contributor in their given field.  In this episode I share how in a very practical way how understanding more about yourself and others around you can be leveraged to grow both personally and professionally to have a great income, impact, and influence in your life.

  • Where does lack of career fulfillment come from?
  • Where does office drama and issues come from?
  • Where does employee turn overs and low company morale come from?
  • Where does various personal and professional conflicts come from?

In all of these instance in most cases lack of self awareness by at least one party is missing. Understanding yourself, how you gather information, how you interpret information, and how you make decision on information will not only help you, but help you understand others as well. This key skill set will give you the personal and professional advantage needed to navigate what can be sometimes troubling waters. You see by really knowing yourself, you will have a better understanding of others, and an appreciation of the differences. Having this skill will do several things:

  • Improve communicational ability
  • Improve leadership
  • Improve team building
  • Improve career choices and decisions
  • Improve effectiveness
  • Improve personal & professional culture
  • Improve results of objectives

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