Top 5 businesses to start that will improve your income and earn more today!

The business opportunity market is flooded, but unfortunately with a lot of get rich quick schemes, internet scams, and network marketing & MLM stuff. I have many clients that swear by MLM’s, but for many people they just want a different business model. So what can you do?

Here are 5 business opportunities that I have seen hundreds of my client do, succeed, earn, and grow from.

  1.  Work From Home Assembly Work

This business is pretty simple. You as an independent contractor work from home and select from assembly jobs you would like to do within a certain agreed upon time frame. Cost very little to nothing to start & you have the freedom to earn as much as you want. Some reps have earned as much as $400 in a day. You are able to pick from the various types of assembly work you want to do, and the more you do, and better reputation you build, the better types of assembly work is offered. Great way to start a side hustle and earn extra cash. To get the material, training, and info you need to start is less than $10 so this is definitely a great business to start for little to nothing. Tools and material to perform the assembly work will be shipped to you to start. CLICK HERE for more info and to apply

2. Drive with Uber

If you have a car and live in or near a more populated area then driving with Uber may be a great alternative to earn on your terms. Uber has been a great way for people to pick up extra cash and even double dip. Many of our call center reps will take calls in our call center while driving for Uber as well. This helps them to guarantee a min amount of income for their time working and gives them the ability to really earn the extra cash they want when they close a higher ticket sell over the phone. CLICK HERE to sign up for free and to receive a signing bonus as well.


3. Writing from Home

In todays world content is king. Everyone who has a product, good, or service is looking for people who are able to write compelling content for them and place on their blog. How I wished my grammar and syntax would allow me more opportunities, but unfortunately the written word for me has always been more difficult. That’s why most of my content is in the form of a podcast or video. However if you love to write and are able to post articles for other people you can earn a really good and steady income on your terms from home. We have a vendor that after taking their training will show you how to get set up in front of the right people to be able to leverage your skills and ability to write. To get more information CLICK HERE to see and sign up today. Our vendor here offers a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL to use their service in order to get your writing work. The cost to start is only $1 So if you are serious about making money from home you can not beat this offer.


4. Restore and Re-Sell Batteries

When I first heard of this one I sort of laughed. However after speaking with the owner and understanding what they do, it’s pretty ingenious! Here’s the scoop. They teach you where and how to find dead batteries for free to barely anything. They then teach you how to restore them to like new. Once you have a battery with very little to no money in it. You then have something worth at least 1/2 of what it would cost new. So think about what a car battery, cell phone, or solar system battery would be worth. This guy has literally made millions off of restoring used dead old batteries and re-selling them. This training which is less than $50 shows you the exact step by step how to. EVEN IF YOU DIDN’T do the business end of this. Knowing how to do this will be a huge money saver the next time you have to buy a car battery. CLICK HERE for more info to be sent to you.


5. Work from Home with TW3

Well of course I’m going to put my own opportunity in here as well, but at least I didn’t put it at #1. 🙂 lol Seriously though if you want a passive income that you can do from home and make a really great income then that’s what we do. Whether we are helping people with hourly and salary jobs, or helping entrepreneurs find tools and training to improve their business, we get paid and paid well. Some of our reps are making very high 6 figures incomes by using our lead generation systems and marketing platform to grow, manage, and develop their business. If you are motivated to earn a high income and like to win rather than wine, then we want to work with you. We are not for everyone and don’t pretend to be. However if you have the drive and ambition to achieve and want a proven system with an A rating from the BBB, then we welcome you to apply. CLICK HERE for more info.


We also offer other opportunities that did not make this particular list, but believe they could be of high value to many.

FREIGHT BROKER – Learn to broker freight and make good money in the trucking industry. CLICK HERE for more details

HOURLY & SALARY – Would you rather be told where to be, what to do, and how to do for the trade off of a guaranteed wage? No worries. We have hourly and salary jobs too! CLICK HERE for more details

FLIP HOMES – Learn how to buy houses way under value and then re-sell them. Go to and get more info

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