Online Strategies to Make Money Online without Selling Anything

So I hear you hate selling? I hear the only reason you don’t want to start a business is you feel you have to be a great salesman? Well I hate to deflate your reasoning for doing nothing, but why not create a service oriented business and place it in a market place of service buyers?

In today’s live stream I share a very easy low tech way to provide graphic design services online to make money. I also show how this can be very lucrative for your existing business in order to create added value, distinguish your brand from others, and to create more leads.

Some of the resources I mentioned were:

Where to go to get an affordable eCover software –

Where to go to find a market place of design buyers –

2 thoughts on “Online Strategies to Make Money Online without Selling Anything

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Debra – Yes, but it would be as a freelancer. There is no business that I know that will simply pay you a traditional salary or hourly pay to perform the work, however there are market places with freelancers bidding for work being posted by employers looking for work. Go to to set up a free account, post jobs you can do, post what you are willing to do them for, and you will find people looking for what you offer contacting you.

      We also have other work from home opportunities you can look at by going to This is craft assembly work that maybe something you are interested in.

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